News: miRthkon DVD coming this year!

Hemulism loves miRthkon more than we love our own legs. Needless to say, this is a press release we deemed well worth a spewing:

That’s right folks. We’ve done the market research, we’ve held the focus groups, and the data speaks for itself: consumers want a live, avant-prog musical experience seamlessly intertwined with immersive, mind-altering video content, all laser-inscribed onto a shiny polycarbonate disc and projected directly onto their retinae for optimal neural absorption.

So that’s what we’ve made.

To celebrate the impending approach of this momentous event in human history, we’ve thrown together a little trailer chock full of all the good parts from the film (plus some filler). And because we truly care about getting you to pay attention to us, we’ve thrown in tons of enormous boom sound effects just to be sure that you know you’re watching a real honest-to-god movie trailer.

miRthkon: the DVD

• Featuring footage from our Earth-shattering performance at CalProg 2010 in Whittier, CA

• 14 songs, 4 of which have NEVER BEEN RELEASED before this.

• All songs a helluva lot faster than on VEHICLE, cause you know, you release something again it better be better, and FASTER means BETTER

• 32-track live audio recording mixed by Wally Scharold

• Choice selections from our vast library of stupid short films

• Digital versions of the entire audio program for your Zune

• Countless disturbingly apt non sequiturs

• Mounds and mounds of delicious julienned vegetables!

• Lots of other goodies too numerous, complex, and profound to be described in human language

Coming in 2011!

4 Responses to “News: miRthkon DVD coming this year!”
  1. Snardbafulator says:

    Wowzers! This guys aren’t just the shit. Or even the shizznit. Nay, verily, these guys (and one corpulent alto-playing female) are a shizzled nit! I was taken by everything, not least of all how two guitarists could handle very similar duties in a half-highly composed, half-freely improvising ensemble (reminded me of the twin guitars in Henry Threadgill’s early 90s ensemble, Very Very Circus). One guy’s more wah-wah, the other more death metal, but they (partially) chord together (on different parts of the fretboard) seamlessly. You’d think music with composed parts this harmonically dense would need a keyboard player to keep itself together, but the two altos work wonderfully in that regard, their harmonized melody lines serving as an anchor with the bass to keep their jaggedy, Ornette Coleman-on-inhaled-cleaning-products head sections glued up nicely. The altos are not mere skronkers, either; Jameson (the guy) wafted a teriffic solo on one of the live cuts I saw, full of internal logic.

    The bananna song was quite hysterical with the Bungleoid death metal chorus on the word “ba-nan-na!” contrasting bracingly with the rest of it. Would’ve liked to have heard more vocals from these guys, but most of what I caught on YouTube (I’m sure all of it posted; I couldn’t stop watching them) was live with no singing. Great band, full of manic energy and the promise that Mr. Bungle all-too briefly held on Disco Volante of mixing horn-driven free jazz with 12-tone metallic guitar stylings. Will be looking forward to more from these young peeps, as the potential of their concept is only beginning to be tapped. This California-based band needs to do some gigs in NYC !


  2. Hi there. Just stumbled upon this… Almost exact 1.5 years later that godforsaken DVD is finally *almost* here. If any of y’all are in the Bay Area we’re screening it in an honest-to-god theater. Info here: Actual disc to be released soon after. Pre-order here:

    -Wally, miRthkon leader

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