Weekly Playlist: 17/01/11

So here’s a little something to help drag you through the inevitable drudgery of Monday, the first of Hemulism’s weekly Spotify playlists. I know, I know, you foreigners across the pond can’t access Spotify yet, but there are rumours that this could all be about to change, so take heart.

No theme this week, just a rag-tag assortment of fusion, math-pop, Canterbury, electronica/folk, RIO, drone/electronica/opera crossover, avant-pop and the incomparable Robert Wyatt to close proceedings in style.

1.  Secret Oyster – Dampexpressen*

2. Findo Gask – Va Va Va

3. Hatfield & the North – Rifferama (John Peel Session)

4. Detektivbyrån – E18

5. Aksak Maboul – A Modern Lesson

6. The Knife/Mt. Sims/Kristina Wahlin Momme/Planningtorock – Epochs**

7. Dominique Leone – Cover Yourself

8. Robert Wyatt – Free Will and Testament

Spotify users! Click this link to enjoy the sounds: Weekly Playlist: 17/01/11

*Thanks to Monkton for introducing me to these guys.

**And Keeley gets the credit for this one. I am deeply indebted.

One Response to “Weekly Playlist: 17/01/11”
  1. Snardbafulator says:

    I dunno what in thee hail Spotify is waiting for exactly …. grrr.


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