Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11

For this week’s playlist I’ve scoured Spotify for rare and tasty gems from everybody’s favourite genre of pseudo-operatic alien jazz-prog. Pin back your ears, it’s Zeuhl time!

Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11

So, what have we got here? Well, there’s a lengthy cut from Weidorje (in my opinion the finest of Magma’s myriad splinter-groups), and an intriguing synth-laden piece by cult favourites Eskaton which only seems to exist on an old Musea sampler which has fortuitously made its way onto Spotify. I’ve also chucked in a bevy of other obscure French Zeuhl stalwarts; Zao, Eider Stellaire, Honeyelk and the bone-chillingly creepy Shub Niggurath.

We then have the obligatory Japanese representative, courtesy of the legendary Koenji Hyakkei, a blistering live performance of one of my all-time favourite Magma songs and finally a superb slice of Zeuhl-tinged Italian prog from the criminally underrated Universal Totem Orchestra. Enjoy!

Full tracklist:

1. Weidorje – Elohims Voyage

2. Eskaton – La Lutte

3. Zao – Reinna

4. Shub Niggurath – Delear Prius

5. Honeyelk – Duel a la Vie

6. Eider Stellaire – Milenaires

7. Koenji Hyakkei – Grahbem Jorgazz

8. Magma – Nono (live)

9. Universal Totem Orchestra – Il Viaggio Di Elric


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