Gawp at This: Cheer-Accident – Filet of Nod

30 minutes ago I was completely unaware of Cheer-Accident’s long-running public access TV show Cool Clown Ground. Now, having witnessed this mesmeric riff-a-thon in its entirety I have an overwhelming desire to inflict it on the rest of the world.

3 Responses to “Gawp at This: Cheer-Accident – Filet of Nod”
  1. Snardbafulator says:

    Have you seen the Progrock Challenge one yet? It helps to be an American familiar with professional wrestling, where they have these promo clips before and after the bouts, with one guy shrieking his lungs out into a mic (as if it were a genuine after-the-game-type sports figure interview) grandiosely trash-talking his next opponent.

    “I challenge you to a PROGROCK DISCUSSION, Steve Albini! Next Sunday at the theater, BE THERE! I’m talking PROGROCK, Albini! I’m talking PROGRESSIVE ROCK! I’m talking TIME SIGNATURES, I’m talking CLASSICAL MUSIC REFERENCES! … Steve Albini! I’m talking ANALOG KEYBOARDS, I’ve got FIVE OF ‘EM, Albini! I make RICK WAKEMAN look HUMBLE, Albini!!! BE THERE !!!”

    Freakin’ hysterical, especially with the unkempt long hair and flabby face — just like wrestling dudes.


  2. schlep says:


  3. JKomack says:

    I prefer this:

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