Gawp at This: The Estonian Piano Orchestra

Through a combination of insomnia and happenstance this unusual group flopped into my ears more or less unbidden last night and I was immediately smitten. Watch this and you will be too: Advertisements

News: Leader of the Starry Skies – Now available on fancy vinyl!

To quote the lovely email that flopped into my inbox this morning: Hello everyone! Please excuse the intrusion. We have decided to launch phase two of the Tim Smith tribute album – and the lovely Believers Roast label are pleased to announce that The Leader Of The Starry Skies album is to be made available … Continue reading

Gawp at This: Matching Mole on French TV!

Wonderful rare footage of Wyatt’s post-Soft Machine band in action!

Review: Led Bib – Bring Your Own

Following its Mercury Prize nomination, Led Bib’s fourth album Sensible Shoes garnered an unprecedented amount of critical acclaim from mainstream sources for an artist signed to the ever-reliable (but far from fashionable) Cuneiform label. Whilst I never fully agreed with the hype merchants who hailed them as some kind of hip new saviour of jazz, … Continue reading