Wound With List

Not sure why I’ve only just gotten round to plugging this other project of mine on this here blog. I guess I’m just that lazy.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, about a year ago I started a blog in which I attempted to review an album by every single artist on the notorious Nurse With Wound list. I failed. However, I still wanted to go on that journey, ploughing my way through every single artist on the list, and I also wanted to document and share this journey with others. The solution? Wound With List: The Podcast! So now you can enjoy my plummy nasal voice nerdling away about endless obscure Krautrock bands and bizarre free improv projects. In alphabetical order. Lucky, lucky you.

Episode three has just gone live, so by way of a catch-up, here’s what I’ve featured so far…

Episode 1:

Agitation Free – Ala Tul
Pekka Airaksinen – mo-On-ing
Airway – Live at LACE (extract)
Albrecht/d. – 1973 Endless Music
Alcatraz – Piss Off
Algarnas Tradgard – There is a Time for Everything, There is a Time When Even Time Will Meet

Episode 2:

(Ritual) All-7-70 – The Songs (Part Six)
Alternative TV – Serpentine Gallery
Alvaro – Latino America
Ame Son – Hein, Quant à Toi/Comme est Morte l’Évocation/Hommage
AMM – After Rapidly Circling the Plaza (extract)
Amon Düül – Ein wunderhübsches Mädchen träumt von Sandosa (extract)

Episode 3:

Amon Düül – Fly United
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell – Get it Out of Your System
Anima Sound – It Loves/Want to’ve Done It/Crazy Crying
Annexus Quam – Osmose II
Aqsak (a.k.a. Aksak) Maboul – A Modern Lesson
Arbete Och Fritid – Dorisk Dron


Please do follow, subscribe, bookmark etc. It promises to be an interesting little journey…


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