Best of Bandcamp: Executive Legs

New feature! Huzzah!

Yep, in place of the hopelessly sporadic Spotify playlists (Spotify is so mid 2010-early 2011 anyway) I thought I’d dedicate a regular(ish) section of this humble blog to plugging whatever artist I happen to be listening to a lot on Bandcamp at the moment.

So, first up, it’s endearingly nerdy lo-fi electro-punk rockers Executive Legs, whose debut EP Leg It! I’ve been listening to incessantly on Bandcamp for some months now. It’s raucous, childish and surprisingly catchy stuff; perfect for leaping about idiotically in front of the cat to.

Stream it for free or, if you’re not such a desperate pauper as I am, you could even chuck a few quid their way and buy the damn tunes. I’m sure they’d like you for that.


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