Best of Bandcamp: Big Block 454

Few bands currently on my radar have embraced Bandcamp quite as wholeheartedly as Big Block 454, a unique and hugely underrated British experimental/prog rock collective. Not only have they made their considerable back catalogue available in its entireity, they have done so on a pay what you want basis. And pay you should – there are some real gems to be found here.

In terms of sound, it’s a pretty eclectic brew, but with a leaning towards psychedelic/spacey/krautrocky vibes mixed with a good dose of Bonzo-esque humour and surrealist tendencies, plus some genuinely avant-garde moments here and there. I personally recommend starting with the That’s a Nice Hat 4-track EP, (embedded above) and if that tickles your fancy, dive straight in with Bratislava, Their Coats Flapped Like God’s Chops and the recent Bells & Proclamations.


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