Hemulism is a music blog. It likes to think it’s a little bit different, just like every other music blog.

Hemulism intends to cover a diverse range of alternative and experimental music; everything from experimental pop to avant-garde jazz to progressive rock and back again. In addition to album reviews of new releases Hemulism has been known to spew out a variety of features (profiles, playlists, etc.) and occasional fits of news.

Hemulism likes:

– CDs

– Tunes

– Anti-tunes

– Mellotrons

– Noise for noise’s sake

Hemulism does not like:

– Clichés

– Star ratings

– Opinion stated as fact. Seriously. If I write something that looks like it’s a statement of fact, just stick an “IMO” after in your head. It’s all just what I think, and I don’t expect you to agree with me.

NOTE FOR BANDS/PROMOTERS/ETC: If you would like me to review your music then feel free to drop me an email via davidberisedwards @ gmail dot com (minus the spaces and whathaveyou). Ta. Physical copies are preferable, because I still mostly listen to music on CDs like it’s the fucking 1990’s or something.

Oh, and I’m also on twitter, though I’m not sure why.

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Snardbafulator says:

    Woah … have I like found heaven, or what? A music blog that doesn’t like opinions stated as facts. As part of its mission statement. Well, we might as well flush all the official opinion-making standard-bearers of music journalism down the swirly, then. FFFLLLLUUUSSSHHH ! Yay! (Hope the plumbing’ll be okay.)

    Seriously, that’s an extremely important principle of good criticism and I applaud you for highlighting it.

    Now let me stop posting so I can do a little reading and listening …


  2. Jarne says:

    Looks like a nice new blog!
    I’ll keep this in my favorites and check on a regular basis to discover new experimental music!

    Would you be interested in reviewing Sensual Noise latest release “Chasing Swans”?
    (Experimental band from Belgium)

    Keep it up & hope to hear from you soon,

  3. Can I send you some music to review please? 🙂

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