Gawp at This: Knifeworld reveal the true face of god in their new video!

What ho, chaps! No, I refuse to just let this blog die with its dignity intact, however time-and-money-poor I seem to be (which so far this year has been oh-so-very). Some things are just too important to let sleeping blogs lie. With that in mind, I invite you to clap your eyes upon this beautiful … Continue reading

Gawp at This: Dutch Uncles

Top-notch math-y pop, this. New album out next month, and if the singles are anything to go by then it might just be a belter!  

Gawp at This: Peter Hammill Interview

Here’s a lovely in-depth interview with Peter Hammill about the upcoming Van Der Graaf Generator album A Grounding in Numbers. There’s also plenty of time devoted to the band’s considerable history. Fascinating stuff! Watch it here:

Gawp at This: The Estonian Piano Orchestra

Through a combination of insomnia and happenstance this unusual group flopped into my ears more or less unbidden last night and I was immediately smitten. Watch this and you will be too:

Gawp at This: Matching Mole on French TV!

Wonderful rare footage of Wyatt’s post-Soft Machine band in action!

Gawp at This: Cheer-Accident – Filet of Nod

30 minutes ago I was completely unaware of Cheer-Accident’s long-running public access TV show Cool Clown Ground. Now, having witnessed this mesmeric riff-a-thon in its entirety I have an overwhelming desire to inflict it on the rest of the world.

Gawp at This: Improv Double-Bill!

Two videos worthy of a gawp today. First up, a brief lecture introducing some fascinating new research (still in its early phases) on the neurological aspects of musical and lyrical improvisation. Fascinating stuff! Now, with all those questions bobbing around in your brain like dumplings in a stew, here’s the legendary Henry Cow kicking … Continue reading

Gawp at This: Captain Beefheart documentary

Ah, good old auntie beeb… Remember those heady days before all the celebrity dancing and people falling into water, when the BBC used to make documentaries? Proper ones with facts and archive footage and rostrum camera shots slowly zooming in on still pictures? Good times, weren’t they? Well why not relive them and take a … Continue reading