Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11

For this week’s playlist I’ve scoured Spotify for rare and tasty gems from everybody’s favourite genre of pseudo-operatic alien jazz-prog. Pin back your ears, it’s Zeuhl time! Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11 So, what have we got here? Well, there’s a lengthy cut from Weidorje (in my opinion the finest of Magma’s myriad splinter-groups), and an intriguing … Continue reading

Weekly Playlist: 17/01/11

So here’s a little something to help drag you through the inevitable drudgery of Monday, the first of Hemulism’s weekly Spotify playlists. I know, I know, you foreigners across the pond can’t access Spotify yet, but there are rumours that this could all be about to change, so take heart. No theme this week, just … Continue reading