News: New Guapo album due next year!

I have two words for you: FUCK YEAH.   Following a year’s hiatus in 2010 Guapo are currently resuming work on a new album for Cuneiform Records. It is with regret we announce our split with keyboardist Daniel O Sullivan but are happy to announce his replacement as Emmett Elvin. Both David J Smith and … Continue reading

News: Leader of the Starry Skies – Now available on fancy vinyl!

To quote the lovely email that flopped into my inbox this morning: Hello everyone! Please excuse the intrusion. We have decided to launch phase two of the Tim Smith tribute album – and the lovely Believers Roast label are pleased to announce that The Leader Of The Starry Skies album is to be made available … Continue reading

News: Led Bib – Bring Your Own out soon!

Just a quick reminder that British experimental jazzers Led Bib have a new album due out on Cuneiform very soon (February 7th here in the UK, January 25th everywhere else). 2009’s Sensible Shoes won them a phenomenal amount of media attention following its nomination for the Mercury Prize, so Bring Your Own is set to … Continue reading

News: miRthkon DVD coming this year!

Hemulism loves miRthkon more than we love our own legs. Needless to say, this is a press release we deemed well worth a spewing: That’s right folks. We’ve done the market research, we’ve held the focus groups, and the data speaks for itself: consumers want a live, avant-prog musical experience seamlessly intertwined with immersive, mind-altering … Continue reading