Hello again.

What’s that I hear? Is it an unreleased Faust demo? No, it’s just the rusty cogs and gears of Hemulism slowly grinding back into motion after what must be at least a couple of aeons. Yes, I’m back. Kinda. I suppose. As much as I’ll ever be, which is hopefully enough. I shan’t bore you … Continue reading

Wound With List

Not sure why I’ve only just gotten round to plugging this other project of mine on this here blog. I guess I’m just that lazy. Anyway, for the uninitiated, about a year ago I started a blog in which I attempted to review an album by every single artist on the notorious Nurse With Wound … Continue reading

Welcome to Hemulism!

Hello you. Welcome to what I hope will be a rather different and personal site dedicated to unusual and experimental music. The agenda here is a simple one – to discuss, review, dissect, celebrate and generally inhabit the often secretive world of strange and experimental music, and to do so with a reasonable degree of … Continue reading