Review: Trumpets of Death – Teeth + Teeth = Teeths

Hey kids! Been a bit quiet round these parts for the last few weeks, hasn’t it? But to make up for that, here’s the first of two or three (or four if I really get my arse into gear) reviews which will hopefully tie up some of the loose ends of 2011, predictably culminating in … Continue reading

Best of Bandcamp: Big Block 454

Few bands currently on my radar have embraced Bandcamp quite as wholeheartedly as Big Block 454, a unique and hugely underrated British experimental/prog rock collective. Not only have they made their considerable back catalogue available in its entireity, they have done so on a pay what you want basis. And pay you should – there … Continue reading

Review: Ben Butler & Mousepad – Formed For Fantasy

Ben Butler & Mousepad is the musical alias of Glasgow-based keyboardist/composer/producer Joe Howe, with the accompaniment of drummer Bastian Hagedorn. A solo project (insofar as Howe is the sole composer, and the music on offer is very much synth/electronics-driven), this is his debut album, following the promising “Infinite Capacity” EP. Howe and Hagedorn are joined … Continue reading

Review: Hauschka – Salon des Amateurs

If you’re anything like me (and if you’re not, why are you reading this?) then you’ve probably heard quite a lot of music in your time. So much music in fact, that even during your self-imposed quest to explore the furthest reaches of musical oddness and originality you’ll more often than not find yourself listening … Continue reading

Review: Ensemble – Excerpts

“Beautiful” is one of those words that is so often tossed about willy and (more to the point) nilly, that it quickly loses all meaning and becomes just another cliché. Is that sunset really beautiful, or is it just unusually pink? Is that baby really beautiful or is just another shrieking heap of muck-encrusted flesh, … Continue reading

Review: Led Bib – Bring Your Own

Following its Mercury Prize nomination, Led Bib’s fourth album Sensible Shoes garnered an unprecedented amount of critical acclaim from mainstream sources for an artist signed to the ever-reliable (but far from fashionable) Cuneiform label. Whilst I never fully agreed with the hype merchants who hailed them as some kind of hip new saviour of jazz, … Continue reading

Gawp at This: Cheer-Accident – Filet of Nod

30 minutes ago I was completely unaware of Cheer-Accident’s long-running public access TV show Cool Clown Ground. Now, having witnessed this mesmeric riff-a-thon in its entirety I have an overwhelming desire to inflict it on the rest of the world.

News: Led Bib – Bring Your Own out soon!

Just a quick reminder that British experimental jazzers Led Bib have a new album due out on Cuneiform very soon (February 7th here in the UK, January 25th everywhere else). 2009’s Sensible Shoes won them a phenomenal amount of media attention following its nomination for the Mercury Prize, so Bring Your Own is set to … Continue reading