Best of Bandcamp: Executive Legs

New feature! Huzzah! Yep, in place of the hopelessly sporadic Spotify playlists (Spotify is so mid 2010-early 2011 anyway) I thought I’d dedicate a regular(ish) section of this humble blog to plugging whatever artist I happen to be listening to a lot on Bandcamp at the moment. So, first up, it’s endearingly nerdy lo-fi electro-punk … Continue reading

Hemulism Loves: The Diagram Brothers

For the first in a sporadic series highlighting bands and musicians which we believe to be unfairly overlooked or simply fancy have a quick shout about, we have chosen the short-lived conceptual Manchester post-punk band The Diagram Brothers. We think they’re great and hopefully by the end of this article you will too. Metronomic post-punk … Continue reading