Gawp at This: Knifeworld reveal the true face of god in their new video!

What ho, chaps! No, I refuse to just let this blog die with its dignity intact, however time-and-money-poor I seem to be (which so far this year has been oh-so-very). Some things are just too important to let sleeping blogs lie. With that in mind, I invite you to clap your eyes upon this beautiful … Continue reading

Best of Bandcamp: Caterpillarmen

If you like your prog raw, quirky and a little bit tongue-in-cheek then look no further than these exuberant young chaps. Channeling the spirit of Samla Mammas Manna (with a splash of King Crimson, Zappa, etc. etc.), they’ve found a sound which is both indebted to the weirder excesses of prog rock’s heydey whilst also … Continue reading

Best of Bandcamp: Big Block 454

Few bands currently on my radar have embraced Bandcamp quite as wholeheartedly as Big Block 454, a unique and hugely underrated British experimental/prog rock collective. Not only have they made their considerable back catalogue available in its entireity, they have done so on a pay what you want basis. And pay you should – there … Continue reading

Review: William D. Drake – The Rising of the Lights

To those in the know, William D. Drake’s songwriting credentials have never really been in doubt. His contributions to Cardiacs, The Sea Nymphs, North Sea Radio Orchestra and others, not to mention two exquisite solo albums of quirky, psychedelic prog-pop all attest to the fact that Mr Drake certainly knows how to write a decent … Continue reading

Review: ANT-BEE – Electronic Church Muzik

ANT-BEE is essentially a studio project with Billy James assembling a kind of dream-team of 60s/70s psychedelic/progressive/avant-rock veterans including former members of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band and Zappa’s Mothers of Invention as well as Peter Banks, Jan Akkerman and both Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth from Gong (this is by no means an exhaustive list, … Continue reading

Gawp at This: Peter Hammill Interview

Here’s a lovely in-depth interview with Peter Hammill about the upcoming Van Der Graaf Generator album A Grounding in Numbers. There’s also plenty of time devoted to the band’s considerable history. Fascinating stuff! Watch it here:

Gawp at This: Matching Mole on French TV!

Wonderful rare footage of Wyatt’s post-Soft Machine band in action!

Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11

For this week’s playlist I’ve scoured Spotify for rare and tasty gems from everybody’s favourite genre of pseudo-operatic alien jazz-prog. Pin back your ears, it’s Zeuhl time! Weekly Playlist: 24/01/11 So, what have we got here? Well, there’s a lengthy cut from Weidorje (in my opinion the finest of Magma’s myriad splinter-groups), and an intriguing … Continue reading

Review: Jaga Jazzist – One-Armed Bandit

It is official; the world has gone topsy-turvy. Chickens are hatching into eggs, horses are riding on the backs of jockeys, the sun is orbiting the earth. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof – bands seeking a wider audience are going prog. Chicago avant-rock legends Cheer-Accident did it back in 2009 by toning down their … Continue reading

Review: Nichelodeon – Il Gioco del Silenzio

It’s hard not to be won over by “Il Gioco del Silenzio”, this Italian septet’s first studio album. Though a predominantly dark, brooding affair, it is infused with a splash of wit and charm, and exhibits a degree of macabre theatricality, all of which helps to prevent it from becoming an oppressively or overwhelmingly morose … Continue reading